The Bridges Map
Bridges, William. 1807. Digital scan via Wikimedia Commons

A redraft of the Mangin-Goerck Plan to which Bridges attached his own name. Bridges would do the same thing with John Randel's survey of the grid plan.


The Randel Farm Maps
Randel, John. Surveyed c.1815. Drafted 1818-1820. Digital version via the Museum of the City of New York

A high-quality assembly of John Randel's 92 individual maps that showed the existing farms at the time the grid plan was laid out.


The 1815 Blue Book of Farms
Sackersdorff, Otto. 1820. Digital version via the NYPL Digital Gallery

A redraft of John Randel's farm maps above.


The Goodrich Map
Goodrich, A.T. Originally published 1827. This version from after 1836 reprinted in Iconography of Manhattan by I.N. Phelps Stokes.

This map labels several buildings and features and shows the western shoreline at 11th Avenue for the first time.


The Colton Map
Colton, J.H. 1836. Library of Congress.


The Harrison-Magrane Map
Harrison, John and Magrane, T., Surveyors. 1854. Digital version via the NYPL Digital Gallery

Depicts farm borders and some property holder names.


The Dripps Map
Dripps, M. 1865. Digital scan via Wikimedia Commons. Published in Valentine's Manual of 1865.

A colorful map that includes ferry routes and streetcar lines.


Topographical map of the City of New York : showing original water courses and made land
Viele, Egbert. 1865. Digital version from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division

A marvelous map showing the topography of the city and the courses of several streams.


Merchant's and shipper's guide map to the port of New York
Taunton, S.D.L. Digital version from the NYPL Digital Gallery

Taunton's pocket guide map showing steamers, streetcar routes and ferries.